Horror Vacui

Eine Klassenausstellung, die in Form von 18 virtuellen Einzelausstellungen im nachgebauten ad/ad Project Space (Hannover) präsentiert wird.

Sophia Baader

Pia Bock

Amelie Buerhop

Silja Cruz Hahne : Love

Sonja Hof

Patrick Neugebauer


Lea Raab

Marlene Rabe : Frigeo

Tess Robin

Kaja Seltmann : Auflösung

Hee Seo : Über die Dinge, die zu der Landschaft gehören

Younghee Shin : Changing

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Yeojin Song : Stadtführung

Carla Sternberg : Fan of indecision

Marina Witt : What is a body?

Clara Mannott

Yinan Zhang : Pandemic No.1 in B Flat Minor

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Zoyeon : Patchworks and missing clues

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Sauerei:  Ameile Buerhop / Marina Witt

30. April. 2019 19Uhr

Well, walls don´t feel pain. 

Emptiness and weakness are everywhere, but it has never been advisable or often even allowed to demonstrate these feelings in the world and in life. We are supposed to show always self confidence and be brave to every situation that comes. Besides of being exhausting, this is so not the truth.

It is only through fragility that we can find what is real and sincere. Pain can be beautiful. Weakness can be good. Showing this hollow is the only way to be free, or at least try to be.

The fragility can be represented by the human and the non-human. Where is actually the difference?